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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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ñ now at 10... the two homicide victims who were found dead at two separate homes in santa rosa...have been identified tonight....ñ good evening and thanks for joining us on kron4 news at ten ... i'm j-r stone... now the wife of the man killed in his home is speaking out ... it's a story you'll only see here on kron4 news.ñ kron4's lydia pantazes is live in santa rosa... lydia, you spoke exclusively with this grieving widow.
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ñ our other big story tonight... another
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shooting on a busy east bay highway... one man was killed during last night's shooting on highway four in antioch. kron 4's hermela aregawi is in antioch ...wth details about this latest case. just minutes afte 9 saturday night..a man is shot dead while driving on hwy 4 east bound..when chp arrived on the scene..they found the victim had succumbed to his injuries. this is one of several shooting on hwy 4 in the past year..sot damorio thompson, concerned resident i think this freeway shooting thing. its just terrible. i just dont understand it. i think its a bunch of young people that just dont know how to act.get guns and just actually self destruct.the shootings are making residents question their safety ..sot damorio thompson, concerned resident my family stays right up the street from there so im concerned about my family. i tell them to be careful. my dad goes to work in and out of here every day. i just dont want anything bad to happen to anybody in my family its terrible.just after the incident.. we spoke with people who work near by... who say they're worried.sot
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crystal trent, works nearby it's been very concerning with highway 4 not knowing when something like this is going to happen. my husband commutes on highway 4 all the time and its really concerning that i dont know if something is going to happen, happen to him or happen on the freeway to somebody else. its just sad to see antioch, ha k4 news. ñ last night's highway 4 shooting was the latest in what has been a series of bay area highway shootings in the past year. most of those shootings happening in the east bay. here's what we know about the cases. ñ saturday's highway 4 shooting is at least the third bay area freeway shooting of the year. it comes less than a month after a highway 242 shooting in concord that left a man hurt and a black mercedes riddled with bullets. and less than a month after an i-80 shooting near carlson boulevard in richmond. three shootings may sound like a high number but it certainly doesn't compare to what we saw last year. from novemeber of 2015 to the end of 2016 there
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were more than thirty bay area freeway shootings. the highest number of shootings happened on the i-80 coordior but branched onto other freeways throughout the area. almost all of these past shootings have been labeled gang related.last year law enforcement credited the reduction in shootings to a multi county gang bust that put two dozen people behind barscredit has also been given to officials in the city of pittsburg who budgeted at least a hundred grand on 14 freeway cameras that are now installed and recording any car traveling along highway 4 through pittsburg.but this most recent shooting saturday night is evidence that the freeway shooting problem may be far from over. ñ a baseball coach who dedicated his life to mentoring local kids on the field was killed early this morning.hundreds gathered by the mound for a candle light vigil in honor of coach frank
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navarro he was stabbed outside a san jose bar where he worked as a bouncer.kron 4's ella sogomonian reports from the eastrdige little league field. ella sogomonian/ san jose "there coulnd't have been a moer appropriate place to hold the candle light vigil for frank navarro than here at the little league baseball field where he spent so much time with the kids that he loved to coach." those who knew 35-year-old frank navarro say he was a great man, friend, and dedicated coach.these pictures are from a go fund me page launched to pay for funeral expenses for a man who was said to have raised funds himself for the eastridge little league that he coached. andrew cruz, coached by frank "it's a devastating loss, because this the eastridge little league, i don't know what the funding was like but he made sure that it got funded he made sure he had sponsors to make sure the field was taken care of." sunday night friends and family mourned the tragic loss saying he didn't deserve a violent end like this.andrew cruz, coached by frank "to go out how it happened i wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy." frank was stabbed to death sunday just after midnight outside tres gringos cabo cantina.he was said to be working as a bouncer there at
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the time.a friend suspected that the altercation happened after he wouldn't let an underage person inside. authorities haven't confirmed a motive.brian diaz, mentored by frank " it's sad how people just come out of nowhere and just end someone's life." at the vigil friends and family remembered frank fondly as a man who loved the kids he worked with as a coach with the little league as well as over felt high school baseball and football teams.john blanco, coached by frank "a real big inspiration to us and taught us so much about the game and to love the game so much and it's just heartbreaking to know that he won't be coming around anymore." although he didn't have kids of his own coach frank was a positive influence for many young people he mentored.alonso hernandez, frank's cousin "you become a father figure when they're this young. and that's a good thing, he had all these kids man and they looked up to him." no suspects have been identified or found.this is the sixth homicide of this year in the south bay city. ella sogomonian/ san jose in san jose ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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new at ten. police are on the hunt for the man in connection with a deadly stabbing in vallejo. it happened around ten yesterday morning at a home on western avenue. officers say the victim left the scene prior to officers arriving. shortly after, an adult male victim arrived at a nearby hospital. the victim was suffering from a stab wound and died earlier today. the identity of the victimhas yet to be released. also in vallejo ... a gunman opened fire inside a popular bar. killing one man and injuring two others. now police are looking for the suspect. it happened around one this morning at gentleman jim's bar on lincoln road. at the scene, officers found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. one the victims died at the scene. the second victim was taken to a hospitla with non life-threatening injuries. police are currently searching for a possible suspect. the identity of the deceased victim has not been released.
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ññ a cold storm will bring more showers and low snow levels to the bay area tonight.there could be a few lingering scattered showers on monday with partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures.
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san jose city officials say most properties flooded by coyote creek are now cleared for re-entry. three homes located in the williams street park area are the only exception. those properties have been red-tagged for structural damage. resident's can't re-enter those home until repairs are made. each structure in the affected areas have now all been green- tagged, yellow-taged, or red- tagged. officials will hand in their initial assessment of the coyote creek floods. ñ the san jose earthquakes
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have raised 40-thousand dollars that will be given to the silicon valley community fund to help flood victims. the fundraiser was organized by the quakes foundation..and they received contributions of over 14-thousand dollars from the general public... which was matched by the earthquakes in full. an additional 10-thousand dollars was donated by the oakland athletics. and the quakes then contributed the final 340 dollars to bring the grand total to 40-thousand dollars. happening tomorrow. the department of water resources will gradually ramp down outflows from the oroville reservoir. since february 12th...water levels in lake oroville have been reduced from 901 feet elevation to 842 feet. that's nearly 60 feet below the top of the emergency spillway. as the flows are reduced, officials will monitor the dam and the spillways to make sure everything is safe. the outflow from the nearly 800-foot-tall dam will be
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stopped for several allow crews to clear concrete from a pool at the bottom of the spillway. ñ coming up on kron4 news at 10.... should sex offenders have a legal right to be on facebook?... that is what the supreme court is set to decide tomorrow... find out why some experts believe the child sex predator bringing this lawsuit ... could have a strong caseñ plus... a teen killed while protecting his mother ... and the suspects are on the loose... the new evidence police have tonight...that gets them one step closer to finding his killers...ñ and after the break... a bay area native who took home an oscar tonight....
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ceremony was tonight... it was held at the dolby theatre in los angeles... and tonight a bay area native took home an oscar... actor ma-her-shala ali won best supporrting actor for his role as juan in moonlight. the 46-year-old actor was born in oakland and grew up in hayward... he was originially a standout athlete. he played basketball at st.mary's college in moraga...before developing an interest in acting. this is ali's first oscar win and first nomination... he currently lives in oakland with his wife and newborn child.
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ñ two u-c berkeley students made the trip to hollywood in hopes of winning an oscar tonight...ñ unfortunately...neither student won the academy award. journalism lecturer and graduate student--dan krauss-- created the documentary short-- "extremis." the 24-minute film was shot at oakland's highland hospital. it explores the painful choices facing doctors, families, and patients in end-of-life cases. krauss is also rooting for his competitor and former student, daphne mat-zia-raki. ñ ñ matziaraki is talking about her thesis film-- four- point-one miles. a native of greece... the documentary short focuses on the a greek coast guard officer... caught in the middle of the
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europe's refugee crises. in national news. we now know the new orleans man... suspected of plowing into a crowd of mardi gras revelers while intoxicated. ááá jrs vo áááñ police say this man on your screen neilson rizzutowas arrested last night after he drove into a crowd of people watching a parade in the mid city neighborhood of the big easy. he is being held on a $125 thousand dollar bond. 28 spectators were hurt luckily there were no fatalities. police say a breath alcohol test determined that rizzuto's alcohol level was three times the legal limit after he was arrested. ñ houston police have new information in the search for the two suspects who killed a teen subway restaurant worker. ñ police have released new images that give a clearer look at the men who shot and killed javier flores. flores was protecting his mother as the subway-- where they both worked-- was being robbed. police have also
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released images of the car they believe the suspects were driving ... a tan or gold late model mazda protege. javier's parents are now pleading with the public to turn these suspects in. ñ "just for $200 they want to take a life." butted to "i'm not planning my son's graduation, i'm planning my son's funeral." butted to "i want justice because if they did it to me they are going to do it to other people."ñ like javier's mother-- detectives are afraid the two men will strike again. investigators say the pair may be connected to other robberies in the area. crime-stoppers is offering a 40-thousand dollar reward for anyone with information on the shooters. ñ we have another sad story coming out of texas tonight... an 8-year-old girl survived a car crash in houston...only to be shot and killed moments later. tracey clemmons spoke with her parents. ñ jeffrey thomas/victim's father:"i was just at home waiting for my wife and child to come home."jeffrey thomas and wife latoyia was coming
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home around two o'clock this morning from getting her hair she drove through the intersection at the beltway in fuqua with her daughter in the back seat... natsshe collided with a car that was speeding down fuqua. toyia thomas/victim's mother: "i put the car in park and i reached down for my baby. i said, 'are you okay?' because she was asleep. she never even knew what happened."she says whoever was in the other car ran off.and another car pulled up.toyia thomas/victim's mother:"i thought she was coming to help, but when i looked over, she pulled a gun out the window and she started shooting."latoyia thomas tells us she thought her daughter was still sleeping when she pulled her out of the car and put her on the ground.then she saw the blood on her jacket. toyia thomas/victim's mother: "i kept telling her, 'wake up, wake up.stay with me. stay with me. stay with me.stay with me.'"eight-year-old de'maree adkins died at the hospital.toyia thomas/victim's mother:"she kept trying to hang on. i kept trying to talk to her."h-p-d says a vehicle
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that fled the scene is described only as a dark four-door sedan.this mom believes somebody has to know who this murderer is ... possibly, the person who crashed into her. a cold storm will bring more showers and low snow levels to the bay area tonight.there could be a few lingering scattered showers on monday with partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures.
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ñ coming up after the break... hear what new democractic national chairman... tom perez is pedging to do with the democratic party ...ñ and find out why president donlad trump is saying the democratic national chairman race... was rigged. we'll explain.
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newly elected democratic national chairman tom perez is pledging to repair and unite the demorcratic party. today perez described a party focus that will emphasize
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protecting social security , medicare and growing goods jobs in this economy. perez is the former labor secretary in the obama administration . he says the democrats will win back the working class being truthful. perez... is the first latino to be a d-n-c chariman. ñ president trump was on the attack today. he tweeted..."the race for d-n-c chairman was-- of course-- totally rigged... bernie's guys-- like bernie himself-- never had a change... clinton demanded perez!" this comes just one day after president trump congratulated tom perez on his new position as the d-n-c chairman.
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adminisration officials say president donald trump has no plans to cut social security or medicare. the treasury secretary says people should not " expect to see that as part" of the administration's first budget. he say's president trump's priority was passing legislation to reduce middle- class and corporate taxes. the white house says the commander in chief was commited to keeping his campaign promise to leave medicare and social security alone. ñ a senior administration official says president trump will call for a substantial hike in military spending tomorrow. it is part of a white house budget outline that will be released monday. the document will also look to protect social security and medicare from any cuts. the outline will propose federal spending for the next fiscal year. and will call for spending cuts to several federal agencies. trump is speaking to a joint session of congress for the first time on tuesday he is expected to lay out his legislative priorities.
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ñ still ahead... a bay area woman survives after being hit by a car... and the driver takes off ... how her neighbors are making good of a terrible situation. coming up right after the break: we go indepth on the painful sickness connected to chronic pot use. in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered.
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legalized in california because of the relief it brings to sick patients. one of the drug's health benefits is to calm nausea and spur the appetites of people undergoing chemotherapy. but the drug's growing popularity is bringing to light an unwanted side effect for a small number of heavy users. kron4's maureen kelly takes an in-depth look at this newly discovered syndrome. 31:11 it's the most excruciating nausea that you could possibly steve ellias of grass valley is decribing the
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symptoms he'd endured on and off for more than three decades..that he now believes was the result of his past chronic pot habit.51:06 usually i would smoke anywhere from 10-15 times a day i was a pretty heavy smoker this is a picture of steve from around the time the medical problem first started cropping up. imagine it's like that point when you have the flu and you know that you are going to be sick, but imagine getting stuck there for hours days and sometimes even weeks and nothing will relieve that nausea it's almost enough to make you think you will go out of your mind, such terrible nauseaááááá sometimes the bouts would be so serious he'd end up in the er 32: at one point i lost 40 lbs in 10 days, that's how dramatic it was, i could not keep water down, not to be dramatic but i showed up at the hospital and i was within hours of kidney failure is what the doctor told me, so this can be an actual lifethreatening situationá but for much of his lifehis condition was a mysterydoctors sometimes suggesting that his illness was all in his head.35:08 literally dozens of doctors looked at me, and i've had extensive medical testsá but at his last trip to the er a nurse showed him an article about a 2004 medical study of
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something called cannabinoid hypermesis syndrome or chs. which linked cyclical vomiting with heavy cannabis use.29:46 as soon as i read it knew that it was me and i almost teared up because after 35 years of suffering i could not believe that i had finally found a diagnosisi get another chanceá steve says it wasn't so much the study's link between pot smoking and excessive vomiting.but the identification of the one thing that commonly brings patients who suffer from chs relief.nats..immersion in hot water way of a hot shower or a bath.42:09 i would literally spend 2-3 weeks immersed in hot water 24 hours a day //within minutes of getting out of my hot water i would get excruciating nauseas and i'd have to rush back in and immerse myself and wasn't total relief but it was enough to rid me of that feeling like im gonna just die if i don't do something 14:11 i see a lot of thisáááá dr. linda nguyen is a gastroenterologist at stanford health care. she says the legal and political issues around marijuana means there haven't been many studies of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome 06:59 no one knows why the hot shower can help with symptoms and the hotter the baths they hotter shower,
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the better they feel, 07:11 there have been reports that patients have actually scalded themselves because they needed it at such hot tempertures 09:05 there are some hypothesis or therories as to why this occurs their might be a build up of the thc in the brain where it changes some of the thermal sensors she says the syndrome is not common among chronic pot user..and it's unknown why some end up developing chs, and other's don't.08:43 individuals who get this tend to be younger when they start and have been using marijuana for a long time, men more than women for some reason 54:55 there's no lab test to diagnose it so it's hard to tell how many cases there are dr. kai li says she's seen a few of these cases turn up in the er at san francisco general.she says the diagnosis takes those affected patients by surprise. 53:50 they think of marijuana primarily as a medication that will prevent nausea, so when they start to get a lot of vomiting, they actually smoke more because they think they are treating their symtoms and it acutally makes the symtoms worse right now there is only one known cure put down the pipe.56:32 the only real recommendation is that people stop smoking and they completely stop smoking because anytime they start smoking again they are going to be at risk again 36:46 i went a year with none and then i tried a little bit and right away the symptoms came back nats steve ellias says he no longer has problems keeping down food.and he's now back to living a normal life.i haven't touched it since and i won't touch it again because for some of us it's poison, not for the average smoker but for those of us with chs this
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is poisonááá he says he doesn't miss smoking pot anymore.he's just grateful to have another chance to be healthy. maureen kelly kron4 news.
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ñ a 73-year-old san francisco woman is back on her feet after a hit-and-run accident that could have killed her. despite a concussion and other injuries, susannah cain spoke with kron four's spencer blake about the good that has come out of her terrible accident. somewhere in the top right corner of this surveillance videois a dark car that hit susannah cain the night of february eighth, and knocked her 30 feet down the road."the witnesses and the neighbors gathered around me, because it was a hit and run, to protect my body from being run over." here's video from another anglethis time look in the upper left.around the time the muni bus passes is when cain got hit at the intersection of anza and arguello.but neither kron four - nor the police, perhaps - would have this video, if it weren't for jude koski, cain's friend and neighbor who has been trying to help find the person responsible for her injuries. "on the third story of this apartment building" koski has been tracking down videos and
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photos from nanny cams and surveillance systems close to the intersection.he's also posted fliers, telling people in the area what happened, and asking if they have more details.he was out of town when the accident happened, but feels like police haven't been coordinating neighbors during the investigation. "they're a little bit behind the curve because they didn't realize that there was video surveillance." koski has gotten several witnesses to make themselves available for police interviews.a handful of neighbors also came out to support cain by reminding people to watch for pedestrians.the 73-year-old says koski proves there's loving kindness and goodness out there in the world. "he should be the investigator. i think he would have caught the perpetrator by now had he been in charge of this case." "as for cain's health, the doctors are still telling her to take it easy but she's hoping to get back into driving next week, and then returning to work as a massage therapist the week after san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news." new at 10 . an el cerrito police officer escaped injury when a suspected drunk driver struck his patrol car. it happened around nine
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last night on richmond streetnear cerrito vista park. an officer was inside his partrol carwhen another vehicle struck the patrol car;s front driver's side door. the suspect then ran away the officer was not injured. police located the suspect shortly after the collision and arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence. and in san bruno. police have arrested a suspect in connection with a robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. it happened around four this morning at a starbuck located on el camino real. upon arrival officers learned the suspect was waving a knife at two victims seated outside the storeand demanded money. the victims refused to cooperateand the suspect fled the scene. police located the suspect 22-year- old jose rodriguez-perez, a short distance from the starbucks. rodriguez-perez was in possesion of the knife used to commit the crime. he was arrested for charges related to robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.
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ñ coming up a man gets his wife a ten dollar gift for valentine's day... but that gift ended up being one of the best gifts anyone can give ... what it was, coming up...ñ and after the break... a warning out for parents... find out which popular baby toy little tikes is recalling tonight and why....
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little tikes is recalling 540-thousand of its two-in-one snug and secure pink toddler swings the reason...the swing's seat can break, leading to the child falling. little tikes says it's received 140 reports of breaks. thirty-nine children were hurt, including two with broken arms. the swings were manufactured between 2009 and 20-14, and we're sold in stores and online. parents who own the swing are asked to stop using it and contact
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little tikes for a credit toward another product. ñ another recall tonight if you shop at trader joe's... the unsweetened apple sauce is being recalled because of possible glass pieces in the product. manzana products company issued the voluntary recalland it's affecting these three types of apple sauce... trader joe's first crush unsweetened gravenstein apple sauce... trader joe's organic unsweetened apple sauce... and trader joe's all natural unsweetened apple sauce. all apple sauces can be returned to trader joe's for a full refund. for more information about the recall... go to kron-four-dot- com.
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ñ ask yourself this question -- should convicted child molesters álegallyá be allowed on sites like facebook? a north carolina man, convicted of predatory behavior .is taking this fight, all the way to the supreme court. and experts say -- he could have a strong case. national correspondent chance seales has the story, in washington. ) olly moverley's ) olly moverley's 12-year-old
10:44 pm
daughter georgie has her own tablet and a very concerned mother.) we periodically do a spot check) plus, olly installed an app to give her a full readout of georgie's activities.olly moverley / mother of three we get a download every week of what she's been using) the major concern in their home like many others . isn't necessarily what the child is doing.but áwho is contacting the child.) anyone can make up a name, an age, an address, and on they go.) one such case is lester packingham of north carolina.he was convicted in 2002 of taking indecent liberties with a minor.then in 2009, a new state law prohibited sex offenders from accessing sites like facebook, youtube and new york times, which have online forums, where people interact.when packingham was caught with a facebook account in 2010, he was arrested.he's now challenging that ban . saying it's a violation of his first amendment rights and taking his case all the way to the supreme court on monday.) what's unclear, and i think the law is still trying to figure this out, is where sex offenders can be online.) stephen balkam of the family online safety institute -- sees too many parents taking a hands-off approach. ) parents are using digital devices as nannies.) child
10:45 pm
safety experts tell parents to be in the know, talk to your kids all the time, but going too far could hurt open communication.) friend and follow your kids, but don't stalk them online. if you stalk them, they're more likely to go underground.) every parent we spoke with said child molesters should be barred from social media.but georgetown law professor rebecca tushnet ácould see the court overturning at outright ban.) "if i had to guess, i would expect they'd strike this down, because it is so far-reaching) instead, experts think the court might find a middle ground, like requiring sexual predators to give their online passwords to probation officers.) 'they can check in, sort of like a parent might demand their child's passwords as a condition. and that's certainly less restrictive than saying that if you access facebook at all you go to jail. ) justices will hear the packingham case on monday morning at 11 the supreme court, i'm chance seales.
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ñ and a warning for parents -- facebook does not allow sex offenders on its site.if they're reported to the company, the profile will be deleted a cold storm will bring more showers and low snow levels to the bay area tonight.there could be a few lingering scattered showers on monday with partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures.
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warriors news right off the top... sources say the dubs are about to acquire veteran jose calderon as a backup point guard...... and one of the mainstays of the warriors two n-b-a finals teams is apparently going to "the other side" andrew bogut... who started for the warriors on their last two western conference champion teams and helped them to an nba title two season ago ... will be joining the cleveland cavaliers...according to multiple sources... as soon as his buyout from the 76ers is
10:50 pm
finalized...the warriors acquisition of kevin durant forced bogut out with goklden state giants beat the reds behind three home runs.... meanwhile the a's taking on the l-a angels... we go right to the action... the a's were looking for their first win of spring training. in the bottom of the third... bottom of the fifth... austin adams throws a wild pitch... andrew lambo walks in ... oakland takes the lead 2-1. in the seventh game is tied at 2...ryan lamarre bloops one to center...angels add two more runs. angels win 5-3. the 59th edition of daytona 500 came down to the wire. dale earnhardt junior made his official return to the cup series... but his day was cut short after being involved in a wreck in lap 105. lap 128...jimmie johnson loses control ... his day is over... johnson takes out 16 cars.
10:51 pm
three laps to go ... chase elliot loses the lead because his car runs out of gas... in the final lap ... kurt busch surprises larson and everyone else...and after 17 tries... kurt takes the checkered flag to win his first daytona 500. ñ coming up after the break... the best valentine's gift one man got his wife...
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ñ a man in oakley gave his wife a valentine's day gift of proportions even he didn't expect.ñ zenophon williams wanted to give his wife a nice valentine's day present... so he bought her a lottery ticket... a mystery crossword scratchers ticket. that scratcher turned out to be worth 750-thousand dollars! lottery officials say williams bougth the scratcher from a chevron gas station. the mystery crossword scratchers games cost 10 dollars to play.
10:55 pm
ñ the trump administration is giving nasa a go-ahead that could make matt damon's mission to mars a reality. nasa engineers say they're moving forward with tests - ordered by the trump administration - to possibly send astronauts on the next orion flight in 20-19. nasa first needs to finish building its heavy-lift rocket that can push orion to mars or beyond. ñ as millions across the country gather to watch the oscars... hollywood is remembering charismatic actor bill paxton.ñ according to a family representative ... paxton died of complications from surgery today. the actor had more than 90 acting credits-- including "titanic," "aliens," "the terminator," and "twister." he received three golden globe nominations for his role in the h-b-o series "big love." paxton was currently starring in the movie "the circle" ... and the c-b-s crime show "training
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day." he was 61. ñ coming up.... a shooting on a major east bay highway ... and the gunman is still on the loose... what we know about this latest shooting case...coming up on kron4 news at 11.
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ñ our big story tonight... another shooting on a busy east bay highway... thanks for joining us at eleven, i'm jr stone. one man was killed during last night's shooting on highway four in antioch. kron 4's hermela aregawi is in east bay wth details about this latest case. just minutes afte 9 saturday night..a man is shot dead while driving on hwy 4 east bound..when chp arrived on the scene..they found the victim had succumbed to his injuries.
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this is one of several shooting on hwy 4 in the past year..sot damorio thompson, concerned resident i think this freeway shooting thing. its just terrible. i just dont understand it. i think its a bunch of young people that just dont know how to act.get guns and just actually self destruct.the shootings are making residents question their safety ..sot damorio thompson, concerned resident my family stays right up the street from there so im concerned about my family. i tell them to be careful. my dad goes to work in and out of here every day. i just dont want anything bad to happen to anybody in my family its terrible.just after the incident.. we spoke with people who work near by... who say they're worried.sot crystal trent, works nearby it's been very concerning with highway 4 not knowing when going to happen. my on highway 4 all the concerning that i dont know if something is going to happen, happen to him or happen on just sad to see antioch, ha k4 ñ last night's highway 4 shooting was the latest in what


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